About WIC

The Whitewater Islamic Center is the area’s only Mosque, providing services to Muslim and Non-Muslim communities in Whitewater, especially international students who are studying in Whitewater educational higher institutions and other smaller towns and villages around it. For cities around Whitewater visit: http://www.wisconsin.gov/state/core/wisconsin_cities_towns_and_villages.html

WIC was established in 2010, it is located at W 4890 Tri-County Road, Whitewater, Wisconsin 53190

The phone number is (608) 718-3468 . WIC office hours are between 10 AM and 5 PM and generally flexible. The center is open for all 5 daily prayers.

The Friday Khutbah sermon starts at 12:30pm throughout the year.

Vision of WIC

As a non for profit organization, the vision of WIC is to become a leading faith-based institution in Whitewater, Wisconsin and surrounding areas, promoting Islamic Values, accurate understanding of Islam, and empowering Muslims to become effective God-conscious citizens and residents of this area of the United States of America.

Mission of WIC

WIC is an Islamic institution serving the Greater Whitewater and surrounding areas. It provides quality religious, educational and plans to provide social services in a diverse and culturally respectful environment.

“O Humankind! We (God) created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes that you may know each other (not that you may despise each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).” Quran 49:13